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Mission: To create a welcoming and supportive environment where holistic women’s wellness and safety are the highest priority, providing comprehensive prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum care to families served. Our facility is staffed by nurses, midwives, experienced obstetricians in a home-like environment, unlike a hospital labor ward, with non-institutional furniture & decor such as queen-sized beds - large enough for both mother and father, birthing tubs, recreational areas etc.

Obgyne Birthing Center for Natural Deliveries is the first physician-led free standing Birthing Center in the State of Georgia. The Birthing Center was founded by Dr. Bola Sogade, MD who has practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology for over 17 years. Her passion to see women have the opportunity and freedom to follow the natural physiological aspects of labor and delivery fueled her mission to open the Birthing Center. The Birthing Center for will provide the community with a holistic women’s wellness program, with comprehensive midwifery care, a nurturing environment that feels like home, and a place for women and their families to flourish through continuous support from childbirth education to postpartum preparation. We will also offer workshops such as Motherhood Circle, Miscarriage/Infant Loss Support, Infant CPR, Dads’ Group, Breastfeeding Support (and more!).


The midwives at Obgyne Birthing Center for Natural Deliveries are committed to providing comprehensive care and education to our clients. As Holistic Women’s Wellness is of key importance, our midwives are unique in their experiences as they provide care based on both natural alternatives and modern medicine.

Our midwives are committed to assisting you in having the birth that you envision, empowering you to make the best decision for you and your baby(ies). In labor and delivery, sometimes surprises arise yet our midwives are equipped to counter the unexpected with supportive measures that may be both homeopathic or pharmaceutical. We’re Here for You:

Why Choose Us?

We believe pregnancy and birth are normal life events and should be women-centered. Our midwifery model of care has been proven to Lower rates of neonatal mortality, Lower risk of low birth weight, Lower risk of infant mortality, Fewer cesarean sections ...

Our Care model includes prenatal care, mind, body, spirit and social well-being, postpartum support, and much more.

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Our Care Providers

Our mission is to provide women and their families with seamless, patient-centered, evidence-based care that leads to improved health outcomes.


Dr. Bola Sogade,

MD (CEO and Obstetrician/Gynecologist)
Fellowships: ACOG-American College Of Obstetrics and Gynecology
AAFP-American Academy of Family Physicians
Board Certification: Obstetrics and Gynecology & Family Practice
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Aimee Gavette

CNM (Midwife)
Board Certification: Obstetrics and
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Qualivia Cummings,

NP-C, OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner

Qualivia Cummings will works within the scope of the practice guidelines providing primary health care to women within the patient population including providing well-woman care (screening, evaluation, immunizations, preventative care), prenatal management, family planning, fertility, and gynecology, as well as care for episodic or chronic illnesses and sexually transmitted diseases.

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Chidinma Ogoh,

MSN, FNP-BC, OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner

Chidinma Ogoh participates in a wide range of patient care, including the inpatient unit where she will take direct care of our patients, working side by side with our surgical residents. In addition, she will help our patients and referring physicians with access to our practice and with communication of medical information.

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Chelsia Ogletree,

(Executive Director and Doula)


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