How Does Aging Impact Your Vagina?

How Does Aging Impact Your Vagina?

Lines and wrinkles etch their way across your face. Your hair begins to gray. You notice more aches and pains when you get out of bed each morning. 

While these are the telltale signs of growing older, they’re not the only ones. Your vagina — and your sexual well-being — change as you age, too.

Vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, low libidio, and other symptoms of sexual dysfunction affect more than 40% of women during their lifetimes. These issues get increasingly common with age, but that doesn’t mean they’re inevitable.

At ObGyne Birth Center for Natural Deliveries, our gynecology team, led by Bola Sogade, MD, specializes in MonaLisa Touch®, a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment to combat the most bothersome symptoms of aging. Here’s what you need to know.

How age affects your sexual health

Aging is a natural process. But all too often, the changes that age brings can make sex less interesting, less enjoyable, and less comfortable for women. If you’ve noticed changes “down there,” it’s time to learn more about why those changes occur.

Less collagen and elastin in your skin

Collagen and elastin are essential proteins found in your skin. When you’re young, your skin has a lot of collagen and elastin, making it firm and supple, but your skin makes less collagen and elastin as you age.

Decreased collagen and elastin contribute to lines, wrinkles, and thinning skin all over your body. While it’s most noticeable on your face, it affects your vagina, too. Lack of collagen and elastin contributes to issues like:

For some women, these skin changes can affect the way their external genitalia look.

Menopause and declining hormone levels

Estrogen and progesterone are the two main hormones that control the female reproductive process and sexual wellness. During perimenopause and menopause, these hormone levels drop significantly.

Low estrogen and progesterone levels can cause symptoms like:

While these issues are most common among women in menopause, they can develop at other times. Pregnancy, childbirth, and even gynecologic surgery can trigger hormonal changes and unpleasant vaginal symptoms.

What to do about age-related vaginal symptoms

We know that vaginal discomfort, pain during sex, and other symptoms of sexual dysfunction can be embarrassing to bring up with your doctor. But we’re here to help, and you deserve to have an enjoyable sex life.

If you’re bothered by age-related vaginal changes, talk to our team to find out if you’re a candidate for MonaLisa Touch.

MonaLisa Touch is a nonsurgical treatment. It uses a CO2 laser to stimulate collagen and elastin growth and rebuild healthy tissue in your vagina. For many women, it offers an effective solution for some of the most common symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Each MonaLisa Touch treatment takes about five minutes in our office. There’s no anesthesia or downtime required, and you can expect to see improvement in your symptoms in as little as one treatment session.

Not all age-related changes are bad. But when your symptoms keep you from enjoying your life, it’s time to do something about it. Book your MonaLisa Touch consultation online or call our Forsyth, Georgia, office at 478-887-3506 today.

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